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How to maintain properly your truck tyres so they can serve you the best

When it comes to trucks, those big and heavy loaded vehicles we need to take into crucial consideration how to maintain the proper tyres. The tyres of a truck are being highly exploited exactly because of the excessive weight they carry.

Proper tire inflation

That’s probably the biggest point when it comes to proper tyre maintenance because a tyre can be ruined only by that while it is affecting its performance overall. Here the inflation PSI really varies on the load the truck is carrying but it should be somewhere around 50 to 60 PSI(Pounds per Square Inch).

The most accurate method to check that is to get a chart from your tire maker or just check it out online. Taking it to an expert is always a way as well.

Make sure all your tyres are inflated correctly because usually when it comes to big trucks some of the tyres are more used than other since the load is not always evenly distributed.

It is important to check the inflation regularly due to the fact that it will save you fuel and of course money in the long run.

Alignment - The second big priority

What does it mean is basically all the wheels and tyres point toward the same direction while moving accordingly with the steering wheel.

If the vehicle alignment is not proper then it can and it will cause major troubles sooner or later. Usually, poor alignment is going to show by uneven tyre wear. The vehicle will be pulled either on the left or the right side. Squealing tyres is another major indicator.

As the tyres are not aligned properly it will reduce the control and traction on the vehicle. With trucks that is the last thing you want to do because from little steering wheel problems to a major dangerous situation can occur.

While properly aligned wheels keep the tyre usable for longer periods of time, the fuel usage is less, and it will keep you protected on the road. Potentially you will save a lot of money just by this simple procedure.

So the bottom line is proper alignment will help you drive safely and smoothly on the road, being able to enjoy the road.

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Cheap or Expensive Truck Tyres

Cheap truck tyres are going to cost you more in the long run and there is a couple of reasons for that.

  • Bad material which gets damaged easier.
  • More fuel usage – eventually since they are not optimized it will cost you more money because of greater fuel consumption
  • Reducing tracking because of lower quality materials – which will not only cost you money but can put you in very dangerous situations.
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