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All-season tyres – The best option or bad compromise

All-season tyres sound reasonable but we need to face the facts. Improving a tyre on one side makes it worse on the other. Those tyres are all about compromising for the middle ground. However, before you throw the all-season tyres away let’s consider a couple of more things why they are and why they aren’t your best option

Why you need all-season tyres

All-season tyres are a great cheap option to keep all year round without wasting time changing tyres every 6 months. They are specifically great for places with not extremely cold winter where the roads are not icy or the other extreme – very hot summer. The reason is they are great middle ground that keeps track on the road every season. That is actually the reason why many new cars come with a pack of exactly those tyres since most manufacturers want to keep you good for whatever season it is when you buy it your vehicle.

In general all-season tyres imitate more of summer tyres so this makes them way better for wet roads than the winter ones.

Another point for all-season tyres is that they are less noisy. While winter tyres being improved tremendously for the past 40 years they are still noisier than the seasonal classes.

Why you might don’t need all-season tyres

Comparing them to the summer tyres, all-season ones don’t have a good grip on wet roads because in order to achieve good tracking on a low temperature or frozen road they need to compromise on the wet grip.

When it comes to mild cold weather all-season tyres are perfect but when it comes to colder climates they are getting a major loss. Again in order to still be good for summer weather, they need a trade-off for the winter weather which makes them not good for thick ice or big snow. The snow tyres just have thicker rubber that keeps them a safer option when it comes to this environment.

Ultra High-performance All-season tyres

If you take close look at some of the all-season tyres you are going to see that on some of them there is written ‘ultra high performance’. However, you may not be able to achieve the high performance when it comes to speed as much as you want to if you would like to do it with the all-season pack. You might as well consider specifically made for that high-performance tyres.

So the bottom line is that all-season tyres are a great option for someone that lives in a climate that is not particularly hot or cold, while doesn’t want to bother with changing tyres twice per year which additionally will save them money. 

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