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How to choose proper winter tyres for your car

It is winter time. Did you go through everything necessary to prepare your car for this season right? Heater - Check. Windshield wipers – Check. Battery – Check. Engine Oil – Check… but what about the tyres? They are the thing that connects your car to the ground so you better give them the proper attention if you want them to serve you good.

Winter tyres also are known as snow tyres are an essential part of your car, especially if you are in a place of the world where snow is falling and temperatures drop below 7°C quite quick.

Snow tyres are basically made so that they don’t stiffen at low temperatures like their summer type or all-season type whenever the weather gets really cold. Basically, they are made from such a rubber that keeps them on the snowy road with a nice grip for you to have a control over your vehicle. Without that, you will get reduced traction which may cause dangerous road accidents. The winter tyres are really not something you would like to compromise with.

Make sure as well that if you are getting snow tyres to get the whole four of them because a trade-off for only two will decrease the traction and make the car shaky which is the last thing you want when driving on an icy road.

If you are going to drive on a snowy and icy road, you might as well look for tyres that have the symbol of a mountain with a snowflake inside. It shows that those tyres were tested in the harshest winter condition. This will be a bit more expensive but on the other hand, it will be the best thing for that kind of climate.

When you don’t need snow tyres is if you live at a place with a warmer winter where if a snow falls it disappears in a couple of days. This means more often than not the roads are going to be wet from the melting snow. In that scenario, you would like to go with all-season tyres. They are not as good as the winter ones when it comes to snow and ice but in less cold and rainier winter, like in the United Kingdom for an example, your best tyres type will be the all-season one.

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A few ideas to consider when you prepare for the winter

  • Make sure when you visually inspect your tyres carefully before putting them on especially if you are using the same from the last winter.
  • Clean the wheels carefully. Make sure they are completely dry after you wash them.
  • Check the tyres pressure. They need to be fully inflated. If required get yourself Tyre Pressure Gauge and check if the PSI is between the metrics of 30-35. This will show they are fully inflated and ready to use.
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