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Use and maintain you 4x4 properly when going off-road

Keeping safe and maintaining your 4x4 vehicle and tyres is an important process even though many people overlook it. However if you would like to not break the bank for new tyres and parts while enjoying a long life with your vehicle, the next following steps will help you achieve that.

For many people off-road is a lifestyle and if you are one of them then you need some solid boots to keep your vehicle on the ground running through rocks, mud, sand, and fording through rivers.

If you would like to enjoy a nice weekend without your vehicle getting some serious damages you better of know your capacity.

Knowing your capacity is the first thing in order to be able to maintain your vehicle properly. Make sure you properly know the height of your vehicle and the capabilities over the certain terrain. As well it is important to know how much your tyres can handle. Investing certain amount of money on the best affordable tyres is an important part. Make sure you do it.

Properly maintained tyres are the second biggest thing. Make sure before leaving out there your tyres are properly inflated. While you are doing that take a clear look for any visible and unusual parts. More often than not 4x4 tyres going off-road can start getting some weird damages because of the terrain. Make sure everything is proper and in check. Yes, the spare tyre as well. You don’t know when you are going to need it. Better safe than sorry, right?

Maintain a clean vehicle so your vehicle can serve you for the long. The additional mud and sand can very well be damaging for your 4x4.

Where are you driving

Now all those points are important for people driving off-road but if you are going to be on-road you don’t really need all of those things. Of course, the off-road tyres make way more noise while using way more gas than on-road ones. As well they are way more expensive. So if you are not planning to drive in the mud and sand you might as well get yourself a nice pack of new on-road tyres who will keep 4x4 up and running for your purposes.

Rotation is necessary for your 4x4 tyres

Now that is for everyone. Doesn’t matter off or on-road you are going to need a proper rotation on your car, truck, or SUV.

Tyre rotation basically means properly aligning all wheels of the vehicle. Why you need to do that is because not aligned tyres get a lot of uneven damage which causes you not being able to use them in a very short period of time. While expensive and time-wasting that is not the worse. With not properly rotating wheels, not only your tyres can get damage. Since the vehicle has less grip on the road this may take you to dangerous situations. Though everything can be fine with a simple regular check to your mechanic which will definitely cost you way less.

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