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Maintaining motorcycles tyres for best performance

Checking and maintaining on a daily basis your motorcycle and the tyres are crucial since you put your life in a danger of not having everything properly fixed. Of course, when it comes to 4-wheel vehicles you still have some balance and stability while when you are on 2-wheels you better make sure everything is 100% working.

On the expenses side, the tyres themselves are probably the most expensive thing including the purchase and mounting expenses. In order to avoid doing those things often all you need is 6 simple steps that will get you covered.

Check the tyre pressure for best performance

Checking daily before a ride your motorcycle performance is a crucial part in order to have your bike all set-up. It can easily be done with this gadget called tire pressure gauge which is as cheap as $10. You can check in the manual of your bike or the tyres what the optimal inflation for your tyres is. Usually, it will be something between 29-33 PSI, even though it may vary up to 38 PSI or down to 12PSI(Pressure per Square Inch).

Check for any damages on the tyres

Check for any damages on the tyres. If you find something like a nail definitely go to motorcycle tyre dealer and change your tyres immediately. If there is any unusual worn out on the tyres this may mean your tyres may not be aligned properly.


Take a close look or go to a motorcycle repair shop to see if your bike wheels are aligned. If they are not this can cause you a lot of trouble. On one hand, the tyres are getting worn out way faster since the wheels are not working in a synchronized way instead they are working against each other. Now while it will cost you money to get new tyres quicker, not aligned bike will give you less grip on the road which will make the motorcycle handling faster. You can already see how this can take you to a bad situation so you might as well get this one checked faster and not worry about it anymore.

No hard breaks

Try to avoid doing hard braking with your bike because this will damage the tyres faster. Of course, if needed by all means necessary, do it but if you are just regularly doing hard braking this is going to wear of the tyres. Focus on normal, a bit slower stops, this will save you money in the long run from purchasing and mounting new tyres. Hard breaks need to be used only in a scenario it is necessary.

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Know your tyres

Keep in mind how many kilometers your tyres are wearing out. That way you can easily plan ahead and not get yourself into a tough situation trying to figure out finding new tyres in the middle of nowhere.

Clean them up

Especially clean them up and the whole motorcycle in that matter, especially if you are going to ride off-road. All the mud and sand on the first place can damage the bike so keep it clean. Mostly you don’t need more than water and soap to get everything cover. This as well will protect the longevity of your tyres. To have your bike doing its best performance and be up and running for the future take proper care of it. At the end of the day, that’s the thing standing between you and the road, sometimes on a very high speed. So as it is said – take care of your motorcycle, so your motorcycle can take care of you.

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