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Brief nerdy history of how car tyres were made

Today’s automobile tyres gone a long way of development before them reaching their final form, which we use on a daily basis now. The first ones were used back in the days for carts and wagons, while they were made from leather and steel placed over a wooden wheel.

While this was a great innovation, the tyres weren’t as useful back then for a couple of reason.

One, they were breaking and second, well they were causing headaches for many people. Because of the bumpy roads, it was a quiet unease to use those tyres for long trips.

Today’s tyres were influenced by many people but the radial tyres we are using are mainly influenced by the company Michelin. Made by natural and synthesis rubber, fabric, wire, carbon black and other chemicals all mixed, they assure our comfort and safeness.

How to maintain your car tyre for best and longest use

Maintaining your car tyres regularly it is as important as having a gas to drive. By proper care of your tyres, you are avoiding any risks of blown tyres or unable to fully control your car. This can cause from whole day waste of hassle to fix it and ruined vacations to serious injuries to you and others. All this can be prevented since most of the times those scenarios are happening because of people overlooking their cars. Instead, you can follow the next simple two steps and have zero worries about your tyres.

Tire pressure check-up

Your tire pressure needs to be checked as regularly as at least once per month in order to keep your tires in the best condition possible. Make sure you haven’t driven your car for about five to seven hours or just leave it for the night and check in the morning. The way to monitor it is with a basic pressure gauge. The pressure you are looking to aim is between 30 to 35 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch).

Checking if the wheels are aligned

If your wheels are not aligned properly this will affect tremendously the performance of your vehicle, as it will influence the control you have over your car which can take you to dangerous situations. Additionally, it will wear your tyres faster which can cost you in the short term money and wasted time to fix everything.

The best way to fix that is just to take your car to an expert since they can professionally double check it all and be sure that everything is alright. Especially it will be important to do that whenever you had to drive on a rough terrain or you just went through a big pothole that may have damaged the performance.

So to conclude checking your car regularly costs you less in the long run while keeps you safe. 

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